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Betraying Our Best Selves

“Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.”                                                                              -Romans 13:10
The bookAnatomy of Peace has been suggested for delegates preparing for the Special Session. It is instructive in terms of what we must decide as a denomination, but also for how we are to be in relationship with people in our lives.
The book is based on the premise that we are called to be at peace with one another and to treat others with love. Yet, we sometimes betray that call, and in so doing, betray our best selves. We justify our self-betrayal by making an enemy of the person whom we should have treated with love. As the authors note:
“When I choose to act contrary to my own sense of what is appropriate…I commit   an act of self-betrayal...A choice to betray myself is a choice to go to war.” [1]
“A heart at war needs enemies to justify its warring. It needs enemies and mistreatment more than it wants peace.”[2]