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AWAKE, THOU THAT SLEEPEST: Charles Wesley’s Sermon #3 – 1742

Do you focus on the palms or the passion?That was the question that the worship leader asked me the first Sunday I was responsible for preaching at the contemporary worship service at Athens First United Methodist Church in Georgia.I had never thought we had any other options except to focus in on the celebration and Christ’s triumphunt entry into Jerusalem.But, as she shared with me, the contemporary service congregation wouldn’t really have the chance to wrestle with the passion prior to Easter because they weren’t really engaged with the other services of the church, and since the church only offered the Good Friday service at noon, they wouldn’t likely get that chance to walk the journey to the cross.So, do you focus on the palms or find a way to introduce them to the Christ’s journey to the cross?
That question has arisen in my heart every time I reflect upon this Holy Week experience.As the members of my Sunday School shared yesterday, it’s not “either/or” b…