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Para. 123 The Global Nature of Our Mission

The Connectional Table continues to seek to “discern and articulate” (¶904) our vision in a worldwide connection.  The Book of Discipline gives us language that says:
The Church seeks to fulfill its global mission through the Spirit-given servant ministries of all Christians, both lay and clergy. Faithfulness and effectiveness demand that all ministries in the Church be shaped by the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. (¶123)
Keep in mind, this paragraph is preceded by our United Methodist mission statement, our rationale for the mission, and the process for carrying out our mission.  The process for carrying out our mission was heavily shared throughout General Conference 2016.  In Portland, we illustrated how we proclaimed the Gospel, led persons to commit their lives to God, nurtured persons in Christian living, and sent people into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ. (¶122) But what does “Spirit-given servant ministries” throughout the world look…