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On Christian Perfection: Wesley's Sermon #40 - 1741

On Christian Perfection: Wesley’s Sermon #40 – 1741 BEGINNING LENT
For me, Wesley’s sermon on Christian Perfection has always been a challenging topic for discussion as it brings so many cultural and contextual issues with the word “perfection.”Heitzenrater and Outler remind us in their introductory comments on this sermon what they believe Wesley had in mind when he put this message out there for people in his time and place.
“For Wesley, salvation was the total restoration of the deformed image of God in us, and its fullness was the recovery of our negative power not to sin and our positive power to love God supremely.Wesley chose to call that furthest reach of grace in sanctification and its triumphs in this life ‘Christian Perfection’, a position that he had stated earlier in ‘The Circumcision of the Heart’ (1733).” (John Wesley’s Sermons: An Anthology, p. 69)
They go on to state how few from a western cultural milieu ever “envisioned it as a realistic possibility in this life.” (p. 6…