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Press Release: Connectional Table Shares Vision for Next Quadrennium

The Connectional Table
Nashville, Tennessee:Meeting in Nashville, the Connectional Table voted to submit legislation to General Conference in May 2016 to examine how the church may better model worldwide connection through its Connectional Table membership. The proposed restructuring is part of the Connectional Table’s vision as it moves forward.
Currently, only 10 percent of the Connectional Table members reside outside the United States. The proposed restructuring, which may be potentially amended by 2020, would better represent the global membership of the denomination.
“The Connectional Table is committed to more faithfully modeling our worldwide connection in our membership, ministry, and function,” said Ricky Harrison, Connectional Table member and Master of Divinity student at Duke University. “As we continue to move forward in our work of stewarding the mission, vision, and resources of the global church, we are committed to using the upcomi…

Press Release: Council of Bishops affirms missional direction for next quadrennium

United Methodist Council of Bishops
May 7, 2015
Berlin: The Council of Bishops, meeting in Berlin, affirmed a vision for a missional direction for the next quadrennium which includes partnering with schools to help end poverty, starting new faith communities, building a culture of call, reaching children with life-saving interventions, and equipping congregations with disciple-making processes to continue making new disciples and increasing the number of vital congregations.
“Your leadership has led to great success and has changed the denomination in a positive way. We can measure the success, in part, through the growing number of vital congregations we see across the church,” said Bishop Bruce R. Ough, chairperson of the Connectional Table.
The new strategic direction would build on and extend the Four Areas of Focus adopted in 2008 and continue the focus on creating vital congregations, but is flexible enough to allow local churches and annual conferences to…

United Methodist Council of Bishops Press Release

United Methodist Council of Bishops FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
May 2, 2015
Council of Bishops Elects New Officers
BERLIN: Meeting in Berlin today, the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church elected new officers who will assume their leadership roles in 2016.
The new officers of the Council are:
President – Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Dakotas-Minnesota Episcopal Area
President designate – Bishop Kenneth H. Carter Jr., Florida Episcopal Area
Secretary - Bishop Cynthia Harvey, Louisiana Episcopal Area (re-elected for two years)
Connectional Table chairperson - Bishop Christian Alsted, Nordic and Baltic Episcopal Area
Executive secretary – Bishop Marcus Matthews, Washington Episcopal Area
Ecumenical officer – Bishop B. Michael Watson, North Georgia Episcopal area
The ecumenical officer, executive secretary and chair of the Connectional Table each serve four-year terms. The president, president-designate and secretary serve two-year terms, which begin on the third day of the General Confer…