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The Connectional Table to host human sexuality live stream event Nov. 1


Thomas G. Kemper: Worldwide Nature of the Church

Word definitions can become stumbling blocks in our deliberations on the worldwide, global, or international nature of The United Methodist Church. Are we talking about structure, geography, or vision? I find it a daily challenge to know in what context to use which of these overlapping terms. In my work as General Secretary of Global Ministries I have come up with a functional delineation: Our worldwide, our global, nature as a church is in our mission, ministries and vision, not in our structures, where we are at most international—the United States, continental Europe, parts of Africa and the Philippines.  But vast areas of Asia, Africa and almost or all of Latin America and the Caribbean are incorporated into our work, our vision of God’s mission—the missio Dei, but not our structure, which is defined by membership in the General Conference.       We as a church and through Global Ministries have personnel, projects, and active mission partnerships in more than …