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Benedita Nhambiu: Why I choose to be United Methodist

Why I choose to be a Methodist? Initially there was no other alternative. Both my parents were Methodists and in Chicuque, the small missionary village where I was born, being Methodist was what one would be, if not unchurched.
While still an infant, my parents had to move to another country where there was no Methodist congregation close to where we lived. Because of that, I was baptized in a Presbyterian church and had my first Christian Education classes, Bible Vacation Schooling and Sunday Schooling in that Church. By then, church was that building and that particular congregation we attended.
When we came back home, being already a preteen, I was surprised to hear about “conferences” of all sorts. It took me a while to understand what was going on: it was so confusing! The fact that the pastors seemed to be rotating yearly from one congregation to other was not helping as well. But the most interesting thing was that everyone could be involved in church work: Men and women, youth a…

Connectional Table - Online Communion Reflection

I am SUCH a United Methodist.

The opportunity I now have to serve our church by supporting the Connectional Table constantly calls upon memories of the places and spaces where I’ve learned to be a United Methodist: from the local churches that baptized and confirmed me, to the annual conference youth programs that instructed me, through my United Methodist seminary education with a field educational component at a General Agency. I am truly a product of our connectional structure.The United Methodist Church, as a whole, has developed the ongoing call of God in my life to serve the church and the world.
This development has given me a deep appreciation for the way our connectional, worldwide church makes disciples in a variety of contexts.As I have experienced first hand with my work with the Connectional Table, this might mean our work together feels clunky, and perhaps (to the dismay of many) slow-moving.Working together in a denomination as large and diverse as ours requires challen…