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Rev Andy Langford: Why I Choose the United Methodist Church

I am a sixth-generation United Methodist.  I own an 1865 Methodist hymnal in German from my great-great-great grandmother who lived in Indiana.  I am the son of a United Methodist pastor and theologian (Thomas Langford), husband to a United Methodist pastor (Sally, the Assistant to the Bishop in the WNCC), and the father of a United Methodist pastor (Ann Duncan).

I choose to be United Methodist because of my loyalty to our theological tradition and its culture of reformation.  Our unique blend of sacramental theology and evangelical witness, vital piety and community engagement, social and personal holiness, and respect for the past yet eagerness to serve the future all attract me. I have served as a United Methodist pastor for 37 years.  This denomination has paid my salary, housed my family, introduced me to leaders around the world, and honored me in countless ways.  I was blessed to serve on the 1989 hymnal committee and edit the 1992 book of worship.  I now have the high honor of s…

Moses Kumar: "It truly is all about the connection"

One thing that drew me to the United Methodist Church is the idea of the United Methodist connection.  Christians of all denominations know that it is the connection that God the Father had with Jesus that consequently benefitted us.  It is this supreme connection with our Heavenly Father that provides the grace and salvation we experience every single day. This amazing connection is the strength of our denomination and why I am proud to be a United Methodist lay person. 
I was raised in the Lutheran church and met and married a woman devoted to the Methodist church who is currently a United Methodist pastor. When I committed my life to Jesus Christ during college while working with World Vision International, I vowed to use the gifts and graces God had bestowed on me to serve His church.It was while doing this work that I truly felt my call to serving God in administration.From that time to the present day, I have developed a sense of purpose and gratitude for being able to do this …

Prayer, funds needed after Colorado floods

By Heather Hahn and Tim Tanton

Originally posted on UMC Connections

United Methodists in Colorado are asking for prayers and monetary donations in the wake of the floods that have ripped up roads, cut off communications and taken the lives of at least four people.

Nearly 500 people were still unaccounted for following the deadly floods as of Sunday, Sept 15, according to news reports.

"My prayers are with all who are responding to flooding along the Front Range today," Mountain Sky Area Bishop Eliane J.W. Stanovsky posted on Facebook on Sept 13. "And more to come. God is in the midst of the trouble. A very present help in time of need."

The dead include the great-grandson of a member of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Boulder, according to a Facebook post by Stanovsky, who oversees The United Methodist Church in Colorado. The teen was swept away while trying to rescue his girlfriend, who also died.

Stanovsky visited churches affected by the flooding. In a…

Thomas Kemper: Why I Choose the United Methodist Church