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Ricky Harrison: I Am a United Methodist Because…

If I were taking a multiple choice exam on United Methodism the first question might look something like this...

1. I am a United Methodist because:
A.   I was born, baptized, and raised in the United Methodist Church B.   I have logically thought through United Methodist beliefs C.   I have felt a strange warming of my heart which I can't logically explain D.   All of the above
My first instinct would be to pick choice A...
Being a third generation Methodist on both sides of my family, I am proud to say that I was born and raised in a strong United Methodist home. Both my parents and grandparents were avid church-goers and I can't remember a single time in my life when I wasn't up at the church at least 2-3 times each week. While growing up both of my parents were youth ministers, so I was adopted into the club as an unofficial PK (Preacher's Kid) early on in life. I can remember receiving my third grade bible, being confirmed, and graduating from the youth program in…

Dawn Wiggins Hare: Why UMC

I am Dawn Wiggins Hare, an attorney and former judge, and I serve as General Secretary of the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women.My "official" service with The United Methodist Church began in January of 2013, when I began my role as General Secretary, but my work with and for the church began much earlier.The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is one of the thirteen General Agencies of The United Methodist Church and our mission is to work for the full inclusion of all women within The United Methodist Church, seeking to support all women in ministry-both clergy and laity.
In 1976, Dr. Ed Hardin was the minister at First United Methodist in my home town of Brewton, Alabama.I had just started college and was pursuing a double major in math and theatre with a minor in music.I was lucky enough to have the lead role in a musical and Dr. Hardin saw my performance.He came to my parents' hardware store where I worked after classes and asked if …

Rev Karen Greenwaldt - Reflections on Being a United Methodist

Searching through ‘historic’ files always brings surprises. Over the weekend, I found my baptismal certificate. I didn’t remember that I had it. As I read it, I discovered that Mom and Dad made certain that I was baptized 3 1/2 months after my birth. I don’t remember that day. Yet, this certificate and an accompanying picture remind me of my baptism and the promises my parents and church members made to ‘bring me up’ in a Christian home and in the Church.

As a young child, I made a profession of faith and joined the church. I recall that Sunday and the dress I wore. More importantly, I remember saying that I would be ‘loyal to the Methodist Church and that I would uphold it with my presence, prayers, gifts and service’.

All along the way, my parents, my pastor (who also was my Dad), adults in each church where we lived, and family and friends taught me the Christian faith. They schooled me in Wesleyan theology, practices, and patterns of faith. They invited me to worship, to study th…

Bishop James Dorff - Why I'm a United Methodist Today