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Bishop Sally Dyck - Why I'm Glad I'm United Methodist!

When I go to services of confirmation, I talk about why I’m glad I’m United Methodist.I chose United Methodism and I value some of the unique core values that defined us in the past and continue to give us our identity today.So I give them my list of 5 things, including how important grace is in our understanding of God and what it means to be a Christian.
But my last point is that John Wesley is cool!Then I show this picture of John Wesley from the 18th century:

They all groan and I remark on how funny John Wesley looks to us today with his strange pageboy.But then I show them this picture which a friend of mine photoshopped:

(Don’t you think he looks a lot better with a haircut?) I remind the confirmands that John Wesley would think they look a little funny to him, too! They laugh and before they begin to think I’m too crazy, I tell them that one of things about United Methodism that I really like is that we’re not meant to live like John Wesley hundreds of years ago, but live like pe…

Jane Finley - Why UMC (video)

The Connectional Table caught up with member, Jane Finley, at her 2013 Annual Conference in North Georgia to tell us "Why UMC Today."

Jane Finley - Why I Remain a United Methodist?

Why I remain a UM? It’s all about reaching the world for Christ!
As the old familiar hymn, “Others” so eloquently expresses:“Others, yes others! ~ Let this my motto be.Help me to live for others that I might live like Thee.” I feel strongly that my United Methodist upbringing and heart is a constant reminder to me of my calling to be a lay servant leader and a servant to others.
As I reflect on the many blessings that we as Methodist bring to the world in outreach of mission and ministry as a denomination that holds churches together through the connection ~ other helping others.I read with great interest a recent blog by Joshua Harris regarding “humble orthodoxy” and his statement: “Trust in the power of the gospel and the sufficiency of God’s word” as he emphasizes that “truth matters, but so does our attitude.”If we concentrate on being the hands and feet of Christ to a hurting world and we carry out the Great Commission and the United Methodist theme: “making disciples of Jesus Ch…

Rev. Dr. Laishi Bwalya: Why I Chose to be a UMC

I am a senior pastor of LIVING WORD, in Kitwe, Zambia. I am a clergy member of the Southern Congo/Zambia Episcopal area. I am former District Superintendent of Samaria in Lubumbashi (D.R. Congo). I am actually the chairperson of the Board of Ordained Ministry in the Zambia Conference.
It is important to point out that The United Methodist Church is first and foremost MY Church because this is the only church in which I was born, raised, grew up and I am still serving. In other words, I share my deep love for the United Methodist Church.
Both my parents were members of the United Methodist Church. My father served as lay leader at both local and district levels; while my mother served as chairlady in the United Methodist Women fellowship.
At my tender age, my parents used to go with me to church every Sunday and left in the safe hands of the Sunday school teacher. It was in such an atmosphere of a Sunday school pupil that I learned for the first time to read (in that period of time, t…