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Marc Brown: Why I choose UMC

I remember the first time I witnessed an infant being baptized and the first time I received the Lord’s Supper even though I was not a member of The United Methodist Church. Infants were not baptized in the denomination in which I was raised and it was understood that church membership was required to receive the bread and the cup. When I saw the infant receiving the sacrament of baptism and when I was welcomed to the sacramental table of the Eucharist, I began a new journey in understanding how God’s inviting love is proclaimed. In time, I joined that congregation because I knew I had been welcomed by the love of God that was beyond my understanding.

As a follower of Jesus, I still choose to be a member of The United Methodist Church because I want my life to be connected to the story of God’s inviting love that is still beyond my understanding. I want the story of my life to be witness to the claiming grace of God where people are baptized and invited to the Lord’s Table so the…

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