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Turner Arant: Why I Choose The United Methodist Church

The early years of my life were in a Union Church where we had a Baptist preacher twice a month and a Methodist preacher twice a month. My family has been Methodist for more than 80 years. As I grew up, I was active in the church. I married at the age of 21 and my wife was a strong Christian. We were both active in the church.

I like the connectional issue because I feel at home in any UMC I have attended. Many of the friendships we have made through the years have been through the Methodist church. I believe the theology of the UMC is Biblically based.

The Wesleyan theology of prevenient grace, justifying grace, and sanctifying grace appeals to me as the basic teaching of Jesus Christ. I believe our Book of Discipline is soundly based on Biblical beliefs. This is why I choose the United Methodist Church.

Turner Arant, a Connectional Table member from the Southeastern Jurisdiction, is a member of First UMC in Indianola, Mississippi. He has served as first lay delegate to four Gene…

Neil Alexander: Why I Choose The United Methodist Church

Our past reveals embarrassing imperfections; our present is marked by sharp divisions; our future filled with uncertainty.

And yet, we are here and we are there, diverse and widely scattered United Methodist people striving eagerly to bear witness to grace upon grace. It is reassuring to be linked with folks who openly grapple with tensions over theology, missiology, ecclesiology, and social witness. Why? Because of what we believe, where we serve, how we worship and live together, and what we stand and work for. These things matter.

Right from the get-go the brothers Wesley were in full-throttle pursuit of a vibrant, relevant Spirit-led community deeply rooted in an historic, ecumenical, and world-changing Christ-centered way of being and doing.

It is a wonderful challenge to be part of a church that
hungers for people everywhere and through all time to know and love Godsometimes grudgingly but nevertheless emphatically has come to repudiate systems that oppress or discount the least …

Raúl B. Alegría: Why I Choose to be United Methodist

I am a lay member of Brentwood United Methodist Church in Brentwood, TN. I have been a member of Brentwood UMC since 1995 when my wife, Bilha and my daughters Cynthia and Monica joined BUMC. My journey in the United Methodist Church started when my parents, Ricardo and Marcela Alegria began attending a local church in Corpus Christi, Texas. My brothers, sister (we were 5 siblings then) attended church mostly with my Mother at St. Patrick's Church, a Roman Catholic Church. Between when I was age 6 to age 9 Mom and Dad changed churches, first to a Presbyterian church and then to a storefront church. All these churches were located on the West Side of Corpus Christi, Texas, which was then and still is today predominately Hispanic/Latino and very Mexican-American.

When I was 10 (around 1960) our storefront church, El Buen Pastor, was visited by "Methodists" who invited the church leaders to join the Rio Grande Annual Conference. In 1961 El Buen Pastor became a Methodist …

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward: Why I Choose the UMC

We love because God first loved us.  In a profound sense, I choose the UMC because God in Christ chose the UMC for me!

I choose the UMC, full of hope that we will live in ever-increasing fruitfulness through Christ in the world.  Our calling is always to turn outward, to experience the Living Christ at the place where the mission of the church meets the world.

Bishop Francis Asbury told the frontier Methodists in America, "Take the resources from the center to the circumference."  This is the challenge for us today, in every place where United Methodists are present.

God is active at the margins.  We meet Christ in the face of those who are sick or anxious or fearful, who are young or elderly, who are searching or hungry.  I choose the UMC because the heritage, the theology and the vision of our church turns us to face out  into the world God loves.

When I was a child, growing up within the embrace of Parkers United Methodist Church, one of three rural churches on a pastora…