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Mary Brooke Casad: Why I Am a United Methodist

I am a United Methodist by birth and by choice. My Methodist roots go back to my mother’s ancestors who gave land for a Methodist church to be built in Mississippi in the 1800s, to my father’s ancestors who became Methodists when Texas was a republic. Dr. Billy Abraham has teasingly called me a “genetic Methodist.” Perhaps I am a living testimony to the old saying: “I’m Methodist born, Methodist bred and when I die, I’ll be Methodist dead!” With such a long and strong tradition of Methodism in my heritage, there’s no question that it has shaped my identity. It’s at the core of who I am.

But at some point, we all must come to terms with our heritage. A young adult friend with a background like mine summed it up best: “I studied many other religions, and decided ‘Congratulations, Mom and Dad, the Methodists got it right.’ I’ve claimed my Wesleyan roots for myself.”

So, why do I claim my Wesleyan roots? What is it that we United Methodists “get right?”

Personal piety—social holiness

My l…

Why I Choose to Be United Methodist Today

My name is Amy Valdez Barker and I am incredibly honored and excited to be invited to serve God through the ministry of the Connectional Table in The United Methodist Church. I am a cradle United Methodist who continues to fall in love with God through what I learn from our tradition as United Methodists and from the many people I meet in and through The United Methodist Church. I understand that we are not a perfect church nor do we have a perfect connectional system, but I am encouraged and hopeful by the good things United Methodists are doing throughout the world. My hope is that our theological understanding of God's grace and love will be celebrated and shared as we remember who God is calling us to be as people of God through The UMC.

Gil Rendle writes, "people now come to congregations because they want a purposeful relationship with others who are seeking a purpose and meaning in response to the questions that they feel in their lives." (Journey in the Wilde…