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The 2012 State of the Church Report focuses on Vital Congregations

Dallas, Texas -- For the next ten years, leadership of The United Methodist Church will seek to fulfill the adaptive challenge of increasing the number of vital congregations around the world. This will include sharing information and building resources to equip congregations and conferences with tools to increase, measure and sustain vitality. The newly released 2012 State of the Church Report, created in partnership with the Connectional Table, the Council of Bishops and the General Council on Finance and Administration, focuses not only on traditional statistics of the UMC, but also highlights ways in which the denomination is moving to create vital congregations.

"The adaptive challenge, which is based on research from the Call to Action Report, requires us to redirect the flow of attention, energy and resources to concentration on fostering and sustaining an increase in the number of vital congregations,” said Bishop Bruce Ough, chair of the Connectional Table. “As the 201…

Call to Action – Interim Operations Team Urges UMC to Stay Focused on Vital Congregations in Final Report

The Call to Action - Interim Operations Team (IOT) has issued a final report with recommendations to The United Methodist Church to continue work across the denomination on increasing the number of vital United Methodist congregations. They express an urgent need for UM leaders to make bold, systemic changes toward a more sustainable future.

“Business as usual is unsustainable. Dramatically different and new behaviors, not incremental changes, are required,” the IOT states in the report. “We have not yet seen the degree of shared sense of urgency or commitment to systemic adaptations with the redirection of leadership expectations and sufficient resources that our situation requires.”

The IOT urges continued focus on the adaptive challenge embraced by the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table calling for an increase in the number of vital congregations.

“What matters is that we have clarity in giving focus to shifting resources to increase the number of vital congregations, u…