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Call to Action: Not Just About the Legislation

“The most important changes will not result from legislative action but require different actions and patterns of leadership by bishops, clergy and laity in their conferences.  These changes must be grounded deeply in the spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting.”

                       For the Sake of a New World, We See a New Church
                                           Council of Bishops, November 1, 2011

For months, leaders supportive of the Call to Action have said “It’s not just about the legislation.”  But for two weeks at General Conference, it WAS about the legislation, primarily Plan UMC.

While Plan UMC was a substitute for the Connectional Table’s original legislation, it did maintain a strong governance board and executive general secretary to give oversight to the work of the general agencies. This was in keeping with the Call to Action recommendation to “consolidate program and administrative agencies, align their work and resources with the priorities of the Church…

Finding True North

Jesus said to his disciples, “let us sail across the lake” (Luke 8:22). And he and his disciples set sail into the wind and the waves.

This is where we find our beloved United Methodist Church.  We are launching into strong head winds and challenging waters.  Yet, we have a divine vision and a true north that I believe will lead us safely to a new harbor.  As Bishop John Schol shared with us on Monday night, no matter what the legislative decisions made by the 2012 General Conference, change and transformation is already underway. 

At this General Conference, 72 United Methodist conferences representing 27,000 congregations around the world set discipleship goals in five key areas:
Make new disciplesPraise God in worshipGrow through small groupsEngage in mission in our communities and around the world Give generously to mission These commitments represent our future. In four years, these goals translate into an increase in worship attendance to 3.6 million people; nearly 800,000 new …