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Do We Believe It Is Possible?

Four years ago, we stood before the 2008 General Conference talking about shared vision and a unified direction for The United Methodist Church.  We didn't know what it would look like or what it would be called, but we all felt the need and urgency to make changes to ensure the relevancy of The UMC in the world moving forward.

As I listened to the Call to Action presentation last night at the 2012 General Conference, I am reassured that God's loving presence and wisdom has been a part of this journey for the Church.  One of the most important questions presenter Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of the Church of the Resurrection and member of the Interim Operations Team, asked was: "Do we believe it is possible?"

I simply say yes.

This quadrennium we have seen the great minds of the denomination come together, engage each other in heart to heart conversations and holy conferencing.  We agreed to disagree at times while still finding ways to pursue the ultimate goal of creat…

A Response to the Statement by the Africa United Methodist Movement

The Africa United Methodist Student Movement issued a statement in response to the Connectional Table's legislation on restructuring the general agencies. Click here to read their statement (PDF).

Two students, Ben Boruff and Rev. Amy Valdez Barker, who have served on the Call to Action Steering Team, responded to their statement. Their response is posted below.

Mr. Albert Otshudi Longe, Interim President
Student Representative Council
Africa University

Dear Mr. Longe,

Greetings of peace in the name of Christ!

We want to express our appreciation for the important points you raised in the statement responding to the Connectional Table proposal to restructure the general agencies, and offer some clarifications and alternative young people’s perspectives.

One of the most important clarifications we must make is that no portion of the proposal suggests reducing or eliminating current agency programs in Africa. Rather, the proposal is a first step toward creating a more effective governance st…

A Closer Look at Connectional Table Legislation

The 2012 General Conference begins in less than two weeks! In preparation for our time together, the Connectional Table has prepared three briefing papers which take a closer look at three key points in proposed legislation to fulfill to the goal of creating vital congregations effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Click on the titles below to read the PDF versions of these resources.

The UMC Non-Residential President of the Council of Bishops (COB) PDF

The proposed constitutional amendment calls for the President of the COB to be relieved of residential responsibilities during the time of holding office; the term would be increased from two to four years. The president would also be designated as the Ecumenical Officer of the COB. This briefing document explains the key role of the President of the Council of Bishops and the benefits to the church.

More Effective General Church Program Support by Consolidating Several Boards for Governance an…