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Understanding The Call To Action

November 2010 proved to be an inspirational month for the leadership of The United Methodist Church. Both the Council of Bishops and the members of the Connectional Table received and endorsed the Call To Action Report. The report was assigned by the Council of Bishops in 2009 and funded through the Connectional Table.

The study reveals God at work in transformational ways through The United Methodist Church. Opportunities for increasing our effectiveness and fruitfulness lie in the development and emphasis on increasing vital congregations.

The report calls for widespread reform and greater accountability at all levels of the church. The findings and recommendations are meant to guide and inspire the leadership of the denomination over the next decade. The question of "how" to increase vital congregations is still being formulated in this process. The question of "why" increase vital congregations has evolved over the past two quadrennia.

Following the 2004 Gene…