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Call to Action Team Releases Findings of Two Important Studies

Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

The Call to Action Steering Team has recently released the findings of two independent studies of The United Methodist Church:  (1) a Congregational Vitality Research Project and (2) an Operational Assessment Project.  These studies can be found at

The first study used a rigorous and comprehensive regression analysis to identify statistically significant “drivers” of local church vitality.  The second study employed proven methods for in-depth interviews and surveys in a careful review of the mission, culture, values, structure, and processes of our church leading to a reliable report about the perceived state of the UMC connection.

Since these important projects produced findings that should inform our choices about future actions, we invite you to carefully read and reflect on this research and share a few recommendations that you believe emerge from the data and will advance the mission of the church. We are looking for a few key,…