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Defining Connectionalism

Last week, Cynthia & I were discussing the two part blog series written by Dr. David Scott for UM & Global (Part 1 & Part 2).  While we appreciated the historical content and the concise summary of diverse potential scenarios, the title, "Whither the Central Conference in a 'loosened connection'" gave us pause.  The blog focused on what scenarios might emerge as the Commission on A Way Forward’s works to articulate possible structural options that, as they say, will likely provide a “loosening” of our connection.  What seems to be implied in this use of “connection” is the changing of structural identity – the loosening of a denominational framework that has become, for some, limited and no longer adequate or effective.  

We began to reflect on a broader definition of "connection."  Our Book of Discipline currently explains connectionism as follows: 132 - The Journey of a Connectional People - Connectionism in the United Methodist tradition is m…