Let's Talk!: #CTTalks is Engaging Conversations in Preparation for General Conference 2016

Two months ago, I began a seminary internship as the Student Ministry Intern at The Connectional Table. A student at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary just outside of Chicago, Illinois, I honestly didn't know much about what The Connectional Table was or the work that it did. But I was interested in getting a more panoramic view of the work of the United Methodist Church as I seek to find my unique place in the connection as a future church leader.

Two months in, I'm still trying to figure out all of the many things The Connectional Table is and does. But as its name suggests, some of our most important work lies simply in inviting people to the table, inviting people into a shared space of dialogue and relationship where we can grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ who transform the world. That's why I'm so excited about The Connectional Table's #CTTalks project to engage information and conversation around the important issues of General Conference 2016.

#CTTalks is a resource meant for individuals and delegations as they study and discuss in preparation for their work at General Conference. By using YouTube and Twitter, we hope to create more space at the table for as many people as possible in as many places as possible to participate in the conversation. Each month there will be a Companion Sheet with resources for further information on the month's topic and questions to use for individual or group reflection. We are also in the process of making the #CTTalks videos available with English, French, and Portuguese subtitles as well to make them accessible to speakers of multiple languages and for those who are hearing impaired.

We launched #CTTalks last month with a series of videos on General Conference Culture for 2016. And yesterday we launched our series for November on Christian Conferencing. I invite you to watch this week's video below:

Future #CTTalks topics will include:
December 2015: Vital Congregations - Paragraph 120
January 2016: Worldwide Nature - Our Theology
February 2016: Worldwide Nature - Our Organization/Structure
March 2016: Human Sexuality
April 2016: Stronger Together: VC-Four Strategic Directions for 2017-2020
May 6: Welcome to Portland

So let's talk! I'm looking forward to the dialogue and relationships that we hope will be strengthened through these #CTTalks conversations over the course of the next six months as we prepare for General Conference 2016. Come to the table. And may we all be transformed by our work together as the United Methodist Church.

Katye Dunn

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