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CT Weekly Update: "God-Sized" Vision and Prayers

Dear CT Members and Friends,
Greetings in God’s Love!  As we go deeper into our Lenten Journey, we are reminded to stop and reflect on how God has been at work in our lives in so many ways across the connection.  Recently I received a report from GCFA Statistics office and it caused me to stop again and give thanks for all the ways in which the people of The United Methodist Church are incredibly gracious and generous.  Since 2009 the benevolent giving across the Annual Conferences that GCFA collects data for has been over $900,000,000 and increased over the last five years.  In the most recent 2013 data, the reported total amount of benevolent giving (which includes apportioned funds for districts, annual conferences and the General Church, along with World Service specials, Advance Specials, Youth Service Fund, Other UM causes, other non-UM charities, and our Special Sundays) was a total of $934,654,715.00.  I think about the abundance of generosity that this represents of the peop…