Doris F. Clark: Why I Choose the UMC

Growing up in a rural community and attending the Methodist church two Sundays and the Baptist church two Sundays a month kept me in church every Sunday. So the decision to become an active church member was in my DNA. It was didn't hurt that my grandfather was a Baptist minister. However, to become a United Methodist was a family decision.

My father-in-law who was visiting us attended a worship service at a United Methodist church and strongly recommended that our family visit this church, and we did. The pastor and the congregation warmly greeted us and after a few more visits we decided this was the right church for our family. We became active members attending both worship services and Sunday school classes.

I will always remember the famous quote by Dr. Martin Luther King: "Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?" That describes what I feel about the United Methodist Church -- we see the world as the place that God wants us to work. We see our responsibility to serve and to be transformative people. The United Methodist Church knows what social consciousness awareness is and tries to address injustices.

Long before having a full theological understanding of the United Methodist Church I understood that God's grace was free and that God calls us all for God's purpose. Being part of a connectional church allows us to be the servants that understand the need to love all God's creation and to extend grace at all times. I am grateful that we have this common tradition of faith and that together we are working for the good.

To live out the practices of worship, study, community, prayer and service in the United Methodist Church is a gift. To see the grace of God daily in how we live our our faith constantly reminds me of how Great our God is.

Doris Clark is a member of the Indiana Conference serving as an Associate Conference Lay Leader and Co-District Lay Leader.  She is married and has one son and one grandson.

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