An Open Letter to the 2012 General Conference Delegates

The Rev. Adam Hamilton, along with 85 other United Methodist pastors, issued an open letter to the 2102 General Conference delegates expressing their support for the Connectional Table legislation stemming from the recommendations of the Call to Action work. They invite United Methodist clergy and laity to read and sign the letter also.

The letter begins:
“We are local church pastors and leaders in the United Methodist Church writing in support of the legislation being proposed by the Connectional Table related to the Call to Action. We love the church and want her to have a “future with hope.” We believe that the downward trends in church membership, attendance and giving will accelerate in the years ahead. If we do nothing, our church will be half the size she is today in twenty years. Now is the time for action.”
To date, the letter has so far garnered more than 1,700 signatures. We invite you to read this letter and consider signing it.

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