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How is Africa University impacting the country of Zimbabwe, the continent of Africa and the world?
  • The team met in the home of Grace and Henry Mudradzikwa for a delicious dinner, and learned that Grace had been involved in an effort which had raised $80,000 in Zimbabwe in scholarship aid for AU students who were unable to finish their education due to the economic hardships the country is undergoing. That night, the North Texas delegation members committed over $50,000 to this effort as well. Henry thanked the delegation, saying “please continue to help give us hope. The best friends of Zimbabwe are those who help educate our children.” In time, the fund raising efforts of the Mudradzikwa’s raised over $100,000, donated by Zimbabweans.
  • “The peace movement in Africa today is being advanced by Africa University students through our Peace, Leadership and Governance studies.” Tino Bere, AU Legal Counselor

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