Rev. Vuyani Gladstone Nyobole, General Secretary, Methodist Church of Southern Africa and me in Johannesburg.

Our group met with members of the Methodist Church for dinner and especially enjoyed our worship time afterwards. I was interested in learning more about their mission, and found the following on their website:

Our Vision
"A Christ-healed Africa for the healing of nations”

Our Mission Statement
“God calls the Methodist people to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ for healing and transformation”

Our Transformational Calls

A deepened spirituality
A resolve to be guided by God's mission
A rediscovery of "every member ministry - the priesthood of all believers"
A commitment to "be one so the world may believe'
A re-emphasis of servant leadership and discernment as our ministry model
A redefinition and authentication of the vocation of the ordained ministry.

The 4 Imperatives of Mission

Evangelism and Church Growth
Inviting people to personal faith in Christ and His gospel and to belonging in the community of faith as disciples; planting new faith communities especially in informal settlements and new urban multi-cultural congregations.

Connecting to the life giving resources of faith that make for moral regeneration and becoming a holy people in the world.

Justice and Service
To promote the values of justice, unity and reconciliation and the healing of national ills, physical, environmental and social and to be Christ's compassionate, outstretched hands in the world.

Human and Economic Development and Empowerment
The care and growth of children, the plight of the poor, education, quality of life, nation building.

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